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LIVING Collection

Everyday living with different activities that bring out the best energy to self & soul.

🚶 WALK – inhale & exhale, your feets move & feel the energy inside out. back since we’re born, the first lesson is to walk. So let’s keep walking everyday, to exercise & to observe everything around.

🍽 EAT – easy but we’re too busy to eat well everyday. happy stomach, happy life

🛏 SLEEP – how many hours do you sleep everyday!? age changes, sleeping habit changes. lying your back on the bed is the best thing ever happen at the end of the day.

😃 LAUGH – what makes you happy gives you positive energy to fullfil your life. surround yourself with good vibes & big laughes.

🌏 TRAVEL – creates life. money could be back but time doesn’t wait for anyone. go on adventure, explore new places, try new things, live your life by traveling.

🙏 PRAY – faithfully & sincerely wishing good things to self & others. stay blessed & believed in what life brings us to.

❤ LOVE – last but not least, do everything with love & love what you do. love gives you courage while being loved gives you strength.

  • Trapezoid-shaped
  • Horizontal zipper for closure
  • Main internal large compartment with one small pocket
  • Capacity of A4-size papers& laptop 14″
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant interlining
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Black, Yellow, Navy, Dark Green, Peanut, Dark Grey, Wine




35 x 40 x 10 cm


5 kg


0.5 kg

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