Jamlos was founded by Jo Lam in Saigon, Vietnam in early 2014.

Jamlos is all about canvas and minimalism. 

From the beginning, we bring Jamlos to the world by stories of the love to canvas and passion with minimal style. 

When the market out there is promoting the another kind of material with poly and cotton mixed with canvas, we’re still fighting our own battles of how to make canvas be loved and everlasting as the way it is.

We’ve been getting to every little corner of needs, varied designs in different sizes, but maximize the usage purposes. 
One thing we’d love to do all the time is to tell the stories of the bags with inspiring messages to society.

We do not only create bags, but also share stories of canvas love and inspirations of daily life. 

Jamlos is not in the trendy race, but in our own way to inspire you style yourself. 

That’s why Jamlos is about ‘Minimal Me, Maximal You’.