Jamlos Flagship Store Opening

Khai truong Jamlos Flagship Store

This is still a concept of breadhouse, with wood and cement, but greater than that with add-in fruits together breads, like the way of a “supermarket”, for greater shopping experience.


We’d love to share everything about our works, when we can keep it up with our passion and love to what we have been doing so far.
You are the ones cheers us up, for making life better with stories of the bags.

Why called ‘supermarket’? where you can find almost everything about canvas, about bags, all kinds of bags, such as crossbags, tote, backpacks, pencil case, wallet, little stuff, clutch, ipad cover, laptop cover, and so on accessories.
Where you can experience ‘active shopping’, when you can actively try products and pick your choices into the shopping basket, then pay at the counter. That’s how we’d love to have you join your new shopping method.

49 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Quận 1.
Mở cửa: 10am – 9pm


  • 10% OFF all items
  • 15% OFF when comes with Jamlos products
  • 15% OFF when photo check-in Jamlos Flagship Store

Dates: 07 & 08/01/2017
Time: 10am – 9pm

Really truly looking forward to see you join us for more stories of the bags at the new place.
Jamlos Team.

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